The Mercado del Pueblo in Sayulita prides itself on, not only being the first farmer’s market in the Bahia, but being the only one that operates without a profit. We work closely with local officials, schools and organizations to support important efforts in our community.

Each year, we also provide free spots in our market for all not-for-profit organizations in Sayulita so that our community can understand the important, community-based projects going on in town and how to get involved. We hope that part of your visit to our market will be spent getting to know these organizations a bit.

In addition, all schools, organizations and cultural events are provided with free space in our market to share information and sell tickets for fundraisers supporting their operations. Want to know what is going on in Sayulita? Come visit us on Fridays!

An example of some of the projects we work hard to support financially include:

  • Special projects in all the local schools
  • Sayulita-based festivities such as Day of the Dead and Virgen of Guadalupe Days
  • Sayulita’s recycle program (both recycle collection and pick up programs)
  • Street and beach clean ups
  • Provision of biodegradable projects to restaurants and street vendors in order to eliminate plastic and Styrofoam in our area.
  • Tree planting efforts.

New Recreation Center + Sayulita Collection




  • Public and open green area
  • Multisport court
  • Skate ramps
  • Games for children
  • Preferred spaces for bicycles
  • Multipurpose room / Arts gallery / Courses
  • Compost
  • Centralized activities in glass / plastic / cardboard / aluminum
  • Garbage free space
About us
Our Mission is to promote local and sustainable growing and eating practices by providing a venue for small, family growers and homemade consumable goods.

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