Our Projects


Since the Mercado has opened, all of our proceeds have gone to support community projects in Sayulita.  Some of our past projects include:


1. Maintenance and improvement of the Casa de la Cultura, including remodel and landscaping


2. Supporting the children's baseball team


3. Supporting SayuParque to build the only children's playground in Sayulita.


4.  Repair of the drainage system in the main river to improve water quality.


Projects for the 2015-2016 season include:


1. Supporting Eco Sayulita, whose mission it is to turn Sayulita into a model green community in Mexico! Activities include the distribution of biodegradable products in Sayulita, trash removal in partnership with Sayulimpia and water advocacy and research.


2. Monthly maintenance of SayuParke


3.  River projects and clean-up in partnership with Vigilantes and Pro Sayulita


4. Continued support for all local schools for events and green projects.


5. Continued support of pueblo-wide fiestas and cultural celebrations, in partnership

with the Delegado.


To find out more or to get involved, email us at sayulitamarket@yahoo.com


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